& Marc

“When we first connected while attending a seminar in Philadelphia in 2009 it was instantly apparent that we had met our match… kindred souls… surfing the edge of reality. 

We have combined forces ever since, acquiring tools and inspiring each other to excel… at times pushing each other over the edge (only when necessary) to excel and break through mediocrity."

What is Engergetic Upgrade
all about?

Energetic Upgrade teaches you to actively create your own reality. We share precise techniques that solve existing problems, to loosen entanglements and blockades that are obstacles to the achievement of your goals. 

Our program consists of two different sectors of application. The first contains all aspects of life that are different from the state you wish them to be in (pain, lack of money, loneliness, etc.), and the question of how to improve their status. The other sector comprises goals, wishes, dreams and the question of how to achieve them faster. 

To effectively get what you want, specific universal principles and actions need to be applied. The basic aim is to optimize the vibration that you are emitting 24/7 to adjust your thoughts and emotions in such a way that you attract relationships and situations to support your authentic desires. 

Energetic Upgrade can be considered a toolbox that contains an assortment of tools for the creation of reality.

Energetic Alignment is the ability to detect, resolve and level the basic cause of a problem energetically. You will be amazed by how quickly symptoms and problems disappear as you immediately feel the change on all levels, in the physical body, your soul and on a spiritual level. 

You will learn how to easily achieve your objectives by shifting your focus, setting intentions, boosting and controlling your emotions as well as how to use the simple, effective techniques of Nice To Have, understand spiritual laws and learn how to profitably apply them every time.

Keys - You will receive a deck of energy clearing cards, similar to a tarot deck with energetic keys that you will learn how to use actively and intuitively, those cards, "downloaded" or "received" by Colette Marie Stefan and Marc Kettenbach, are the key to the fulfillment of your true intents!

Each card comprises years of energetic work, sacred geometry, the quantum principle of cause and effect, astral-journeys, lucid dreaming, alchemy, the help of "Madre," Ayahuasca and other powerful plants, as well as endless hours of knowledge exchanged through space and time.

Additionally, Colette and Marc make use of their abilities in Energetic Alignment, hypnosis, NLP, decision strategies, mind-encoding and intuition training to anchor the contents of Energetic Upgrade in each participant of the seminar on a conscious and subconscious level to enforce more effective learning, practicing and achieving objectives for each participant.

But what is the benefit of the best tool,
if one doesn't apply it?!

Energetic Upgrade can empower you to:

- Achieve goals and fulfill wishes
- Mitigate and dissolve physical pains
- Strengthen relationships with others
- Improve your financial status
- Unfold and develop your full potential
- Improve your situation and solve problems immediately

It is a fact that you create your reality yourself! 
The question you have to ask yourself is: 
Is this creation of my reality beneficial for me? 

In Energetic Upgrade we teach you how to live your future life 
the way you would like to live it. 
Take the responsibility and create your life by yourself. 

Marie Stefan

Colette Marie Stefan is a magical speaker, author and artist, with a great sense of humor, who shares universal, life-transforming information to provide results that will inspire you to soar with her to new heights  at seminars around the globe.

She has been the featured guest of many radio shows and tele-sumits as well as captivating the air-waves with her hit radio show “The Truth Is Funny… shift happens, as an open invitation for you to call in and experience the joy of shift.

Colette is the author of her long awaited book, The Truth Is Funny… shift happens… (stuff you wish your mom had known to tell you). Warning! If you prefer the status quo and you are not interested in improving every aspect of your life… this book may trigger the shift out of you!

Colette co-founded state of the art Energetic Upgrade Seminars and the EUp Foundation program, with her colleague Marc Kettenbach in 2014 and just recently, unleashed her dragons… Tails From The Vector… an oracle expressed through her powerful paintings as well as a beautiful deck of energy correcting cards, a project that has been percolating on the back burner for the last decade.


Marc is a passionate person focused on results. His inspiring energy helps people to find their true passion in life. His energetic work and teachings are long lasting, proven and empower his clients to get exactly what they want out of their lives.

Marc is an energetic speaker, author, transformational coach, a martial artist (with more than three decades of experience, a certified Trainer in several energetic and healing modalities, Hypnosis Coach and NLP Trainer.People like to call him a New Age Shaman.

Marc is also the Co-Founder of two powerful transformational Tools called N2H (Nice to have) and Boosting Intentions.

In 2014 he Co-Founded “Energetic Upgrade” Seminars with Colette Marie Stefan, in what has been said to be “state of the art” when it comes to energy shifting and reality steering.

“Feel free, be authentic & correct the rest!“ - marc kettenbach